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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Are BBL Natural: What You Need To Know Brazilian Butt Lifts

Are BBL Natural: What You Need To Know Brazilian Butt Lifts

With so much priority given nowadays to looking good, there are more enhancing procedures at your disposal than ever. One of the more common ones is the BBL. BBL stands for Brazilian butt lifts. This might lead people to ask: are BBL natural?

Brazilian butt lifts are more natural in the sense that they do not use any silicone. That means BBLs have a higher safety profile as well.

One particular reason why BBLs are so popular is that they can give you a rounder and more natural look. And it can also tackle problems like sagginess that come with age. Keep reading to know more!

How Does A BBL Work?

BBLs are unlike other forms of cosmetic procedures. It mainly relies on transferring fat to create a more appealing bum. This can be a more natural process compared to methods that involve silicone implants. The procedure, when done by experts, can be quite reliable and will achieve significant and long-lasting results. To get the best results, you need to make sure you work with a qualified surgeon like the high-trained ones at DREAMBODY.

A Breakdown Of The BBL Procedure

One of the core reasons why BBLs look so natural is because of their use of fat grafting. The procedure is usually performed in 5 steps;

Step 1: Anesthesia is mainly used for the procedure. But sometimes local anesthesia can be used if the volume of fat transferred is relatively low. You can also ask your surgeon to give you anti-nausea medication.

Step 2: A surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from different areas of the body. These areas will be places like your thighs, stomach, and hips.

Step 3 – The fat that is removed from other parts is then injected into your butt. But before it is injected, the fat is purified and also readied for the safety of the procedure. That is why choosing a reputable and expert surgeon is important.

Step 4: The goal is to have fuller and more rounded buttocks. That is why the fat is injected into targeted areas of your butt. It takes around three to five incisions to inject the fat.

Step 5: The incisions are then closed up using stitches. A compression garment is applied. This is done to reduce the risk of bleeding. And more importantly, to finish off the procedure in the right way to get the desired look.

After the procedure, your surgeon at DREAMBODY will give you all the guides and to-dos to make sure it completely heals.

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

A lot of candidates choose BBL over other forms of enhancement surgery. This is because Brazilian buttlifts provide a more natural look. And, of course, there is no use of any kind of silicone whatsoever.

This has a lot of benefits. One is, of course, the rounder and more natural look. Other benefits are that it can handle issues that come with age, such as shapelessness and sagging.

Coupled with all these benefits and the added benefit of low infection rates, it is no wonder that BBLs are one of the most popular choices. Brazilian butt lifts have a much better safety profile than other procedures available.

Taking Special Care After A Procedure

One thing is true for all kinds of procedures. And that is, you will need a bit of extra care and make some minor changes in your lifestyle for certain periods of time. This will allow the procedure to be fully finished.

You are not allowed to sit on their butts for two weeks after the surgery. While sleeping, you should sleep on your side or stomach until it is completely healed. Your surgeon will guide you through all the necessary precautions and steps you need to take. Full recovery can take anywhere from a couple of months to years.

Wrapping Up

That should answer the question: are BBL natural? When compared to other procedures, BBLs are safer. And with the right surgeons like the ones at DREAMBODY, you can rest assured that you will get your desired results without any worries.

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