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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Can BBL Fix Hip Dips?

Can BBL Fix Hip Dips?

Recently, hip dips have become somewhat of a hot topic in most conversations. Especially among women, many consider this perfectly normal physical feature a flaw, as it gets in the way of getting the perfect hourglass figure of their dreams. Fortunately, a simple surgery like a Brazilian Butt Lift might be all you need to fix it. Can BBL fix hip dips? Let’s find out!

Hip dips are a perfectly normal feature to have. However, it has recently become a trend to correct hip dips and get a smoother, curvier figure. It’s nearly impossible to totally smooth out this physical feature, even with a consistent diet and a dedicated workout routine. So, if everything else has failed, plastic surgery is the way to go.

Unfortunately, most women may not be born with the glamorous hourglass figure of their dreams. At Dream Body Plastic Surgery in Miami, you can get your hip dips fixed with a simple BBL surgery to achieve smoother curves and better self-esteem. Keep reading to find out how!

How Can You Fix Hip Dips?

Apparently, having hip dips is the new trend, and chances are, you have heard of it as well. The term "hip dip" is used to refer to the slight indentation found between the top of the bottom and the top of the thighs. If you have tried to fix your hip dips in various ways but failed miserably, cosmetic surgery might be just what you need!

According to fitness gurus and personal trainers, these physical features are perfectly natural and you cannot get rid of them simply by working out. So no matter how much you work out, your hip dips might stay the same.

Hip dips can either be hereditary and hence almost impossible to change, or perhaps due to extra fat. If your hip dips are due to extra fat, a healthy diet and some simple cardio workouts may reduce your hip dips to some extent.

However, even if you get rid of the fat in that particular area, your overall shape will normally stay the same. So you'll still have hip dips even if you shed a few pounds. This is why the best way to fix any hip "flaws" is to get plastic surgery, and the procedure is super straightforward.

Can BBL Get Rid of Hip Dips?

So let’s come back to the question, can you get rid of your persistent hip dips with a BBL? The answer is yes. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can easily get rid of your stubborn hip dips. To get rid of your violin hips, all you may need is a simple mini BBL surgery.

This surgery typically involves two procedures – liposuction and fat injection, or fat grafting. The first procedure extracts fat from another part of your body, and the second one transfers it to a place where it looks more attractive.

During your BBL surgery, your surgeon injects some of the fat removed during the liposuction procedure into the depressions on both sides of your hips. This gives you the smooth, natural-looking contour you have dreamed of, from the hips down to your legs. At Dream Body Plastic Surgery, you can consult with Dr. Gordon to walk you through the entire procedure.

Even though this may sound like a relatively simple procedure, it has a significant impact on your overall appearance. This is because people normally look at their silhouettes in the mirror. People appreciate seeing a curvy hip, as it makes them feel more attractive and confident.


If you have been wanting to make your dream hourglass figure a reality with a perfectly plump butt with no stubborn hip dips, it’s time to make it a reality with BBL. But can BBl fix hip dips? This article addresses this topic in great detail to get rid of any confusion.

To learn more about BBL surgery and how it can help you get rid of your hip dips to attain the perfect Hollywood figure you desire, call Dream Body Plastic Surgeon and schedule your consultation with Dr. Gordon today. Thanks for reading till now!

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