We hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Can BBL Make Melasma Worse?

Can BBL Make Melasma Worse?

BBL or Brazilian is an immensely popular cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of the butt. It uses the excess fat of the patient’s own body to fill up the buttocks and give a natural rounded look. However, some people can have skin hyper-pigmentation or melasma in that area. Can BBL make melasma worse?

It is a common thing to worry about melasma during a Brazilian Butt Lift. And the answer isn’t that straight-cut. A general understanding of both the procedure and the condition is necessary first. So that, you can easily understand what are the ways a BBL procedure can affect your Melasma.

Will Brazilian Butt Lift Make Melasma Worse?

Can BBL make melasma worse? Well, No. Because there is not anything in the Brazilian Butt lift procedure that has a direct connection to exacerbating your melasma. However, several causes can make it seem so that your melasma got significantly worse after the BBL.

The cause of melasma there is an overstimulation of the pigment-producing cells of the skin. These cells are known as melanocytes. They are abundant in buttocks, armpits, elbows, and back. Excess stimulation cause these cells to produce more of the melanin pigment in those areas. As a result, blackish patches or melasma appear.

Melanocytes are stimulated by various factors. But the major ones are exposed to UV light, infrared light, hormones, and constant friction. The stimulation from UV-rays or infrared can occur due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Whereas melasma is seen after pregnancy, post-menopausal therapy is from hormones.

On the other hand, none of these stimulants are present during a bbl procedure. Because during this cosmetic surgery the doctor just redistributes the patient's body fat.

For that, he will first identify the area of the body with excess fat. Then he will collect the fat from those parts by liposuction. After that, the fat will be purified. Finally, the doctor will re-inject the fat into the patient's buttocks to achieve a natural fuller rounder look.

One can easily note that there is no hormone or Ultraviolet ray usage involved in this process. Therefore, a direct connection between Brazilian Butt Lift and melasma cannot be established.

Treatment Of Melasma With Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt lift fill-up the buttocks with the patient's fat. Therefore it has nothing to do with either treating or causing melasma. However, BBL will make the surface area of the butt larger. This might somewhat fade out the existing melasma. Although, most cases of melasma naturally heal within a few months and is harmless.

However, if a patient is still keen on treating the condition, they can try out a few proven treatments after consulting with either the cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist.

Triple combination cream is has shown great promise in treating the condition. It contains hydroquinone, tretinoin and corticosteroid. Laser and light-based treatments are also available for the condition.

Friction and prolonged sunlight exposure or UV-light can play a significant role in worsening melasma after BBL. After BBL if someone starts wearing excessive tight-fitting pants, it can cause constant friction in the area and worsen the condition.

Also, people looking to take their cosmetic explorations further might try different kinds of tanning procedures. And the harmful rays can easily overstimulate the melanocytes. Plus, naturally, a person might want to flaunt their new body on the beach after getting a BBL. In such cases, too much sun exposure can be the cause.

So, if you can keep these factors in check there is no chance of worsening the melasma after a BBL procedure.

Closing Thoughts

Can bbl make melasma worse? It won't. But some of the associated lifestyle decisions might play a role. And that might make it seem like your melasma got worse after the Brazilian Butt Lift. Although there is no direct medico logical connection.

So, even if you have melasma, you can go ahead and get a bbl without any worry. Remember that the success of the procedure depends much on the surgeon and facility you choose. To get an idea about the ideal bbl clinic, check out Dream Body Miami Plastic surgery clinic.

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