We hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Can BBL Take Fat from Arms

Can BBL Take Fat from Arms

Brazilian butt lift surgery is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Well, if you are planning to give your butt a nice shape, you might wonder: can BBL take fat from arms? This article aims to clear up all your confusion.

Can Brazilian Butt Lift Take Fat From Arms?

Well, one can take fat from the arms for a Brazilian butt lift. However, most surgeons tend to use fat from the thigh, flanks, or abdomen areas. It is best to take advice from certified cosmetic surgeons before deciding on anything regarding the surgery.

Surgeons can take fat from almost any portion of the body to give you natural outcomes. But you must have enough fat in that particular area. So, if you have sufficient fat in your arms for the Brazilian butt lift surgery, you can easily ask your surgeon to take fat from there.

However, only professional surgeons can give you the best advice in this regard. The most common areas to collect fat from are the following:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Sides 

It should not, however, be an issue if you wish to transfer the fat from your other body parts. It mainly depends on the patient’s preference of where they want the fat removed for a better outcome.

Furthermore, you can receive liposuction in two or more areas of your body if only one of these body parts doesn’t contain enough fat for the Brazilian bum lift surgery. First, you have to consult your surgeon. They can help you decide by discussing all the aspects and risks of the surgery.

How Much Fat Is Required For BBL?

The amount of fat required for BBL is mainly dependent on the physiology of the patient, as well as his or her desires or goals. To improve the butt shape, however, the surgeon generally needs to inject a minimum of 700 to 800 cc of extra fat into both of your butt cheeks.

Well, most people normally have enough fat in their bodies for a BBL treatment. And, it is also possible to collect fat from different areas of the body. So, getting the necessary amount of fat doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

However, injecting the fat into a new area and making sure it doesn’t disperse is the key concern while executing the BBL. A skilled surgeon will gradually inject it into multiple areas of the butt.

Moreover, they should even inject behind the muscles of the bum to stop it from being reabsorbed or disseminated into your body. Modeling the butt might take around 3 or 4 hours. But the timing depends on the concerns that the surgeons need to address and the anatomy of the patient.

Is Your Weight Enough For A BBL Surgery?

People often misunderstand BBL as being unsuitable for skinny people. It is not always the case, though. Normally, most patients have quite enough excess fat to get a successful Brazilian butt lift surgery, particularly if the surgeon takes them from multiple body parts.

Although weight is generally not an issue for a BBL surgery, you must meet some requirements to be a suitable candidate for the surgery. The following are some criteria that one must have to get a risk free Brazilian butt lift surgery:

  • Excellent mental and physical shape.
  • Sufficient fat reserves to collect and transfer.
  • Healthy and stable weight.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • You have reasonable expectations for the results of BBL surgery.

However, it is a must to consult a skilled cosmetic surgeon before deciding to do the surgery. Only a professional can tell you if you are suitable to undergo the surgery.


So, I hope by now you know whether you can BBL take fat from arms or not. As it is an excellent option to get rid of your extra arm fat, don’t hesitate to do the surgery. You can get the best and safest BBL surgery from Dream Body Plastic Surgery. So, make an appointment with Dr. Gordon now if you want the perfect body shape. Take care.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post

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