We hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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What BBL Mean: Everything You Need To Know

What BBL Mean: Everything You Need To Know

The most common complaint about most cosmetic procedures is that they do not look natural. Well, enter Brazilian butt lifts.

BBLs are gaining popularity simply because they look so natural and can give well-rounded results—no pun intended. This guide will be all about what BBL means and everything you need to know about it.

What Does BBL Mean?

Okay, let’s get right into it. What does "BBL'' mean? The thing you need to know is that BBL stands for Brazilian butt lifts. It is an augmentation surgery that candidates undergo when they want their buttocks to look fuller and rounder.

There are a lot of components that go into the whole procedure. One of the major components is liposuction. Fat is essentially taken from other safe parts of the body and then injected into the butt.

This process is anything but simple. Surgeons need extensive training and experience to be able to do it without any problems. At DREAMBODY, surgeons know what they are dealing with. With highly trained surgeons, candidates will not have any problems regarding any kind of unnatural or unsafe procedures.

What Does A Normal BBL Procedure Look Like?

A normal BBL procedure does not just start with the surgery. The candidate and surgeon need to sit together and talk about the goals and also other medical conditions. Let’s discuss how it all gets done.


It all starts with a consultation session between you and the surgeon. The surgeon may ask you a couple of questions. All of these will be critical in understanding what your needs are and what kind of BBL procedure would be right for you.

That may include the techniques that will work best for your body type, what medications you would need, and also what kind of anesthesia would be used. A well-trained surgeon will discuss every big and small detail with you.


A BBL is usually done under two types of anesthesia. Either IV sedation or general anesthesia. Depending on what suits your needs and physiology, the surgeon will choose the best one.

Of course, you will have a say in this as well. If you are uncomfortable with any particular one, then you may raise concerns. And the surgeon will be happy to give you a more detailed breakdown.

Liposuction And Injection

Then the procedure starts. The surgeon will start with liposuction. During this phase, small fat particles are removed by making small incisions. A tool called a cannula is used for this procedure.

The doctor will then start the contouring process to match your requirements. The fat cells will be processed before they are injected. This is done through a process called centrifugation. From there, only the purest cells are isolated to be injected back into the buttocks.


After the procedure, you will be taken to the recovery room. One thing doctors at DREAMBODY always mention is to come with a friend or a family member. That is because you will need someone to assist you for three days or so after the procedure.

How Long Do Recovery And Results Take?

All patients, after the procedure, will have some visible swelling and bruises. This is completely normal and is not a reason for concern.

You will be able to walk slowly within about 2 to 3 days. But it might take you 1 month to be able to walk normally again – not that long. You can go back to routine activities within 6 to 8 weeks.

The final results will start to appear around the 6-month mark. Not all fat cells survive the transfer. The rate is about 60% to 80%. There is something you would need to avoid to get the best results:

  • No direct pressure
  • Wear loose clothes
  • Eat healthily
  • Maintain weight

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now that you know what BBL means, you can go ahead and get your DREAMBODY. They are the most skilled surgeons when it comes to BBL. And one thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post

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