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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Where Are BBL Scars?

Where Are BBL Scars?

For some people, any surgery is frightening because they leave scars on your body. So, when people talk about Brazilian Buttock Lift surgeries, many ask why to make the body ugly with surgery scars in the name of making it more beautiful. They can think like that because they do not know where BBL scars are and how long they stay on our bodies.

This article tells you all you need to know about the scars Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery can put on your body. You will also understand which post-surgery complications you may have if you fail to choose a reliable clinic for BBL procedures.

Where Will You Carry Scars After a BBL Surgery?

Brazilian Buttock Lift leaves small scars on your body in two phases. The first phase is when the surgeon takes out fat from your lower hip, thigh, or abdomen during the liposuction. Secondly, scars happen when the surgeon injects the fat into your upper buttock areas. The surgeon determines the exact place of the incision after evaluating the body shape.

By definition, surgery involves making some incisions on human bodies. So, the Brazilian Buttock Lift operation is supposed to make some scars on your body too. However, the cuts of BBL surgeries are so tiny that even the patients can hardly find them. Moreover, if your surgeon is skilled enough and the patient takes proper cautions, the scars fade away within a month or two.

A significant factor of the scar is the skill of the BBL surgeon. If you pick a renowned clinic with skilled surgeons for your BBL, the surgeon will draw scar lines following the natural body lines. It will conceal the scars from the eyes.

Side Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift

Unlike implanting silicon buttocks into your bottom, BBL injects your fat into your body after purifying them. So, logically there cannot be any side effects of the surgical procedure. You should start living normally just after one month if you restrain yourself from putting any pressure on the buttock. However, there can be side effects of BBL like any other surgery.

Moreover, the risk of complication rises if your surgeon is not capable enough. Some post-BBL complications include lumps under the skin, loss of skin, fat embolism in the lungs or heart. The fatality rate of BBL procedures is one in every three thousand cases. But the main risk of the surgery is unskilled surgeons. It can be fatal if they wrongfully inject fat into the veins.

In some rare cases, the patient’s body breaks down the injected fat without storing it in the upper buttock areas. In that case, you need to repeat the surgery.

Challenges Of The Recovery From Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

Like any other cosmetic surgery, BBL surgeries also need proper cautions. The main challenge is you cannot sit or lay, putting pressure on your buttock. You have to follow this caution for at least two weeks. Your hip may swell for weeks if you put any pressure on it.

In some rare cases, the effects of BBL surgeries can last a few months. Another crucial aspect of the recovery phase is your weight. If it fluctuates in the first few weeks of the surgery, the recovery phase may get longer.

Bottom Line

Compared to any other cosmetic surgery, the probable side effects of the Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure are minimal. Moreover, if a capable surgeon performs the surgery, you cannot tell where BBL scars are. The result of a successful BBL surgery is more than you can imagine. It can make a revolutionary change in your life by upgrading your confidence level.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post

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