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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Will BBL Go Out of Style?

Will BBL Go Out of Style?

Having the perfect body is a dream of many. But only a few are blessed with the proportions that they desire. Having a flat stomach and a tiny waist has been the wish of many. But thanks to Kim Kardashian, wanting a lifted bottom or a Brazilian Butt Lift has become another norm. The hype has been real for some time now but eventually, will BBL go out of style?

Taking a closer look at BBL, the chances are that it will never completely die down. Along the road, preference might shift and this whole procedure may evolve into something completely different. But the same old essence will still be intact.

As of now, the Brazilian butt lift is quite popular among the masses. The desire to be perfect is engraved within so many and the urge to fight that is extremely difficult. There have been many news sources that predicted the downfall of the Brazilian butt lift but none of them were able to hit the nail. The business is still booming; notably the Dream Body in Miami.

Where Did BBL Began?

Considering the name of the procedure, it’s easy to track down where the Brazilian butt lift was first implemented. It happened in Brazil. It was all because of this one diligent surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy. The timing of the procedure can be traced back to the 1960s. Indeed, the procedure was not that popular during the time but it quickly grew momentum.

Three decades later, the Brazilian Butt Lift became popular with the Latin American folks and as well as the African American communities in the United States of America. It’s to be noted that these cultures already celebrated curvier figures. The model industry, however, is still dominated by slender figures.

But things took a very swift turn when Kim Kardashian came to the limelight. With her strong presence online, women were quickly influenced by her; particularly her curves. It turned into a phenomenon where curves were seeping into the mainstream platform. With it, grew the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift.

Is BBL Unsafe?

The dangers of the Brazilian butt lift have been discussed and evaluated over the years. It cannot be denied that the procedure was unsafe back in the days and resulted in several deaths. But with the help of technology, plastic surgeons were quick to decrease that rate significantly.

Nowadays, the procedure is no longer harmful and is a much safer operation. There have also been studies that were conducted that further validated these claims. And this was further affirmed by Dr. Mark Mofid, a leading Brazilian butt lift surgeon.

Will BBl Ever Go Out of Style?

The chances of BBL going out of style is quite slim, which is extensively ironic in this scenario. Experts have claimed that the Brazilian Butt Lift will not go out of style. Rather, it will take a different route. An example would be the Brazilian butt lifts being implemented on skinny individuals.

Glimpses of the change can already be seen with Models like Kendell Jenner. It’s to be noted that the Kardashians and Jenners are at the forefront of this movement. But this whole process will be a lot more difficult given the fact that fat needs to be collected and injected. And skinny individuals don’t have much fat, to begin with.

Brazilian Butt Lifts have truly brought in a revolution. To think that back in the nineties, these types of bodies were considered undesirable. And the whole notion of having a bigger butt meant that one had to be the subject of ridicule. As the decades pass by, we might just see different variations of this Brazilian Butt Lift


The Brazilian Butt Lift has indeed taken the world by storm. Women are now more than eager to get the procedure done on themselves. Out of all the places that specialize in BBL, the Miami-based Dream Body cosmetic clinic takes the top spot. With their experienced staff and advanced technology, the patients will indeed be in good hands.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post

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