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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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Will BBL Tighten Skin?

Will BBL Tighten Skin?

A drooping buttock can hurt a person's confidence. Often it results from rapid weight loss, aging, or prolonged bed rest due to sickness. The problem is this condition can be hard to cure even with proper exercise and diet. Therefore, a procedure like BBL seems like the ultimate solution. But will bbl tighten skin?

Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there. It has been able to create numerous gorgeous and aesthetic buttocks around the world. All without using any implants or making any incisions in the buttocks. However, it is not essentially a skin tightening procedure. So can it help with that? Read on to find out.

Can Brazilian Butt Lift Tighten The Skin?

It is a common question for people seeking the procedure to ask will bbl tighten skin? Well, there isn’t a direct answer. Because it depends on the patient’s condition.

If a person with a body mass index of around 25 to 30 kg/m2 (slightly overweight) with normally loose buttocks takes the surgery he/she will surely experience more firmness and roundness in the butt. Which, in effect, will be fixing the loose skin in that area. So, from that point of view bbl can tighten loose skin.

On the other hand, some cases of loose skin can be much more serious. Such as loose skin from rapid muscle wasting, chronic disease, uncontrolled weight loss, etc. In this case, a Brazilian Butt Lift might not be the correct solution.

Instead, someone with severe loose skin should consider the traditional butt lift or posterior butt lift procedure. In contrast to BBL, a traditional butt lift is a skin tightening procedure. Whereas, BBL is augmentation and lifting of the buttock through strategic fat redistribution via the most minimally invasive technique.

In a posterior butt lift, the surgeon would make an elliptical incision on the buttocks. After that, he would cut out the excess skin and fat. This is done at the junction of the lower back and upper part of the butt. When the doctor is done removing the skin and fat he would stitch up the incision again.

Along with the incision, the doctor might perform liposuction on other areas of the butt to get an overall tightness. And thus, effectively fix the loose skin issue.

In contrast, there is no skin or fat excision from the butt in BBL. Instead, the surgeon collects unwanted fat from other parts of the body. Such as the tummy or thigh. Then purifies it and puts it into the butt via injections. This re-injected fat fills up the butt and gives it the widely desired rounded fuller appearance.

What To Expect In A Brazilian Butt Lift?

A traditional butt lift can fix loose skin on the buttocks. However, that’s where it ends. Your buttocks will surely look better than before. But you won’t get the big rounded aesthetic butts featured on the covers of lifestyle magazines. For that, you will still need the fat injections or the Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian butt lift is the most minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your butt. But still, there are incisions and anesthesia involved. So, anyone seeking the procedure should keep that in mind. For instance, if you are allergic to certain anesthetic drugs inform your doctor during the initial consultation.

BBL doesn’t include any incision on your butt. But the fat for injection is collected via liposuction from other body parts. And for that, the doctor will have to make incisions there. Therefore, make sure your clotting factors and platelet counts are in order.

It takes around a week or two to recover from the procedure. And the cost starts from 4000$ and can go up to 8000$.

Closing Thoughts

So will bbl tighten skin? Well, it’s not a skin tightening procedure. But will sure help to achieve a good amount of firmness in the butt. However, if your loose skin is too severe get a traditional butt lift done first.

And to get the best results make sure you are under the care of a qualified plastic surgeon who performs at a certified facility. Such as the Dream Body Miami Plastic surgeon. Check out their highly informative web page on this procedure. And the next time you return from your Miami trip, you will be returning with a new body.

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