Brazilian Butt Lift

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A BBL uses fat transfer to improve the size and shape of your behind, leaving you with a rounder and more attractive figure. As well as re-shaping your buttocks, a BBL sculpts and tones your overall body shape. 



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What Does BBL Surgery Do?

●Increase fullness, roundness, and projection of your bottom

●Improve the balance of your figure

●Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

For some, diet and exercise alone can’t achieve a slim waistline and voluminous bottom. A Brazilian butt lift is an excellent procedure to improve your natural curves and enhance the look of your buttocks. At Dream Body Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon works with you to help balance your proportions between the upper and lower body and achieve an hourglass shape. 

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BBL is usually performed under local anesthesia to keep you safe, comfortable, and pain-free throughout the procedure. Dr. Pierre Gordon will make small incisions in the skin to remove excess fat from over areas of your body using liposuction. Unwanted fat may be harvested from your hips, stomach, or thighs and is purified for re-injection into your buttocks.

Dr. Gordon meticulously injects the sterilized fat to increase your buttock volume, enhance your body’s curves, and improve your overall body proportions. Most patients need three to five tiny incisions around the buttocks for fat transfers. After your BBL procedure, incisions are closed up with stitches, and you will be given a compression garment. The compression garment helps speed up healing and prevent swelling.

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BBL procedures offer natural-looking results while creating more roundness in your backside. At Dream Body Plastic Surgery, we’re always here to guide you in the right direction. To learn more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure, please take a look at some of our previous BBL patients.


Dream Body Plastic Surgery is located in the same block as South Miami Hospital. Surgery is performed on-site in our state-of-the-art facility. If you’re considering a BBL to improve your overall shape, book your consultation with Dr. Gordon today.

Frequently Asked

Am I a Candidate?

Am I a good candidate for a BBL?
Brazilian butt lift provides more natural-looking results while also creating more roundness in your backside. BBL procedures are best suited for patients who:
● Have lost natural shape from age or weight loss
● Hope to correct the curves and contour of the buttocks
● Don’t feel confident and comfortable in clothing
● Want to add lift to a flat bottom
● Would like to improve the size or shape of their buttocks
● Are at a healthy weight and maintain an active lifestyle
What’s the recovery like?
Dr. Gordon will provide a complete list of instructions for your individual recovery. In general, you can expect a 1 to 2-week recovery period.
How much is a Brazilian butt lift?
A Brazilian butt lift typically costs in the range of $4000 to $8000, although fees may vary from patient to patient depending on the complexity of your procedure.
Am I a Candidate?